What is DRW?
Detroit Restaurant Week is a 10-evening celebration of the city’s bustling dining scene. An impressive array of exciting dining destinations will showcase locally-sourced, specially-crafted three-course meals for just $39 per person, and several others are also offering exciting menu options for just $29 per person (please check with the restaurants directly for details). DRW was first held in the fall of 2009 and has delighted nearly 500,000 Metro Detroiters since then, helping deliver over $8.6 million in sales for the participating restaurants. DRW delivers real economic impact to the city and is proud to be a part of its renaissance.

Do I have to buy tickets?
No, tickets are not needed for DRW. It's very easy to participate- you simply make a reservation at a participating restaurant, and when seated during your reservation, request the special DRW menu. Many restaurants will serve both the DRW menu and their regular menu, so you'll have the opportunity to order extra items for the table, see the restaurant's regular prices and notice what a value DRW is AND that the restaurant's regular prices are more accessible than many think!

Do I have to make reservations?
Reservations are not required but are very strongly recommended. We also request that if you for any reason need to miss your reservation, that you let the restaurant know ahead of time so that they can give the opportunity to someone else who has been waiting for a spot.

What does DRW include?
DRW is a dinner-only campaign that includes three courses for $39, consisting of your choices of appetizers, entrees and dessert, or specially-priced $29 menus (please see restaurant directly for details). All restaurants are required to have vegetarian options; however, check with the restaurants directly regarding any food allergies, vegan preferences, etc. Please contact the restaurants directly as well to find all info about parking, dress code regulations, etc. Additionally, tax, gratuity and beverages are not included with the cost, but we still recommend asking your server if the restaurant has a beverage pairing offering for DRW- many do, and it's a great way to enhance your dining experience! Reservations are not required, but are strongly suggested.

What is there to do before and after dinner downtown?
Plenty! Please visit our "After Dinner" page, coming soon!

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